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Quincy Apartment Vacancy Rate At 3.1%!

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Quincy Apartments
Quincy’s vacancy rate was found after studying data gathered from BostonPads (www.bostonpads.com) extensive real time apartment rental database of over 115,000 listings.  The vacancy rate includes apartments that are either vacant and/or currently available for rent. Of those 115,000 listings, there are 987 located in Quincy – luxury units were purposely omitted from this study.  With a mere 28 listings currently available for rent, Quincy has a real time vacancy rate of 3.1%.

Why does Massachusetts’ 8th largest city have such a low vacancy rate? Unlike Boston, Quincy is not a city prone to the same fluctuation or turnover. Boston is a city that has a huge amount of people that often come to study, learn and work in industries that tend to grow quickly and move locations. In Boston, there is huge presence of technological, medical, and other industries that quickly change, grow, mature, become consolidated, and move.  This causes a rapid change in businesses and their locations — thus talent moves quite frequently in lockstep.  Quincy on the other hand, is more of a city where tenants tend to reside in their apartments for a longer period of time.  Still, Quincy is a very popular location for everyone due to lower rent when compared to most of Boston.

There are four Red Line stops in Quincy. Quincy Adams is the furthest south and is a major hub for the MBTA. As we move north, we hit Quincy Center, followed by Wollaston, and finally North Quincy station. Outside of Red Line accessibility, Quincy has many things to offer.

If you like the water, then this City is for you. On any sunny summer day, Wollaston Beach is bustling with people from all over Eastern Massachusetts. As night falls, you may want to take a trip to Marina Bay. Marina Bay is Greater Boston’s premiere waterfront destination. There, you will find many people enjoying the numerous clubs and restaurants strewn across the boardwalk. Don’t forget to check out the Ocean Club on a weekend night – a unique outdoor club featuring a basketball and volleyball court amongst bungalow-like booths.

Do you like nature? The city has 52 municipal parks and many great beaches. Furthermore, 23% of Quincy’s 16.8 square miles lies within Blue Hills Reservation.

Quincy also has a great deal of history worth mentioning. Nicknamed the City of Presidents, Quincy is the birthplace of two former U.S. presidents – John Adams and John Quincy Adams. The first commercial railroad – The Granite Railroad – got its start here. Two famous chain restaurants also had their beginnings here – Howard Johnson’s and Dunkin’ Donuts.

If you are interested in a Quincy Apartment , it is important to ask yourself what type of neighborhood you are looking for. If you are looking for a little taste of city life without the congestion, and close proximity to all basic necessities, then Quincy Center would be a good option. If you are looking for great views then you might be interested in Hough’s Neck. If you want a little taste of cape life with an easy access to Boston via Route 3, then Wollaston may peek your interest. Finally, if you want to live in a waterfront environment you could check out Marina Bay and Seaport Drive – the former home of numerous Boston athletes. To see apartments located in these and other neighborhoods check out www.QuincyPads.com.

If you are serious about an apartment, it is important to get a qualified real estate agent who is familiar with the area. Furthermore, it is important that they are familiar with and have access to a vast number of Quincy and surrounding area landlords. This is especially true given the current market in the city. Some landlords are receiving multiple applications for a single apartment within 48 hours of listing. You have a much better chance of getting the place you want if you are working with an agent who has worked with numerous Quincy landlords.  Quincypads.com provides the best solution for all your apartment searches in the area.

Furthermore, it is important to act sooner rather than later – both in your search and in your decision making. Start looking early. Don’t wait until the last minute to begin your apartment search. Don’t look for a June 1st rental beginning in mid-May. Give yourself time so you don’t feel rushed in the process and are therefore confident in your decision making. When you’ve found a place you like, act fast. Have your check and application ready – show the landlord you are serious and that you really want the place.

Again, a qualified real estate agent can help you along in this process, from beginning to end – from when you start your search till when you move in.  With a realistic price range and criteria, an agent will be able to help you find what you are looking for in Quincy, despite the low vacancy rate.

Bostonpads is the largest real time apartment database in MA with over 115,000 apartment listings and more than 14,020 landlords in the Greater Boston Area.  To learn more about the Quincy real estate market, check available listings, explore investment opportunities, or get in touch with a qualified agent, visit www.Quincypads.com.


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