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Mobile App Review – Boston Pads Apartment Finder for iPhone

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In our second Mobile App Review we’re addressing the needs of the apartment renter and home buyer. If you’re looking for a new Boston apartment but constantly find yourself out on the go, you should check out Boston ApartmentFinder App. Available for free in the Apple App Store, it puts more than 110,200 Boston apartment listings right into the palm of your hand, making it easier than ever to find a new apartment while you’re out and about.

The App allows you to search for new Boston apartments in two different ways. The first is a traditional filtered search, where you select a neighborhood and then several categories of search criteria and then browse through results filtered for your specific needs. The second search method allows the App to pinpoint your current location, and then shows you all of the available apartments in the surrounding area.

Each search method then allows you to select an apartment from the list of results to see more detailed information about that specific listing. Here you’ll find the apartment’s price, move in date, pictures, contact information for an agent, and a wealth of other important information to help you make a decision. Users can also save certain apartment listings as ‘favorites,’ and share listings with friends.

The most convenient thing about the Boston Apartment Finder App is that it is incredibly easy to use while still delivering effective results. The searching features are both very user friendly, and few simple clicks will give you virtually all of the information you may need for a given listing. With software this simple and so many rental listings, the Boston Apartment Finder App can make finding a new apartment in Boston easier than ever before!

The Boston ApartmentFinder App for iPhone and iPad is available for free in the Apple App Store.

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