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Jacob Realty – Boston Pads Real Estate Agent Success Profile

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Jacob Realty – Boston Pads Real Estate Agent Success Profile

The Boston real estate agents found at BostonPads are a part of a team that features a dynamic combination of talent, experience, and knowledge. What separates our agents from other agents in the Boston area? Here are just a few things put our agents a cut above the competition:

  • Access to the Largest Apartment Database in the Boston Area

Simply put, no other real estate company in the Boston area has access to as many Boston apartment listings as the agents at BostonPads. Our massive database features over 100,000 rental listings in and around the Greater Boston area. From simple studios to expansive luxury rental units, the agents at BostonPads have all the tools to help you find the perfect apartment for your specific needs.

  • Years of Experience and Local Connections

Our real estate agents have years of experience working in the Boston real estate market, which means that they know all the best ways to get you the real estate solutions that you need. They have longstanding connections with local landlords and property owners, and will use those connections to help you secure the best new apartments or properties.

  • The Widest Range of Services

The agents at BostonPads do much more than just help clients find new Boston apartments. Our agents provide a huge range of services to cover all of your real estate needs. We can assist clients with buying or selling Boston property, making successful investment property purchases, executing 1031 exchanges, and much more. Our agents also provide great services for Boston landlords and property owners. BostonPads agents will connect them to professional property management services, will advertise and market their properties, and help them locate qualified tenants to avoid vacancy rates.

  • A Relentless Drive to Succeed

Sometimes, it’s not just about having all the resources and connections, it’s about drive. The agents at BostonPads will not be matched in their drive to find you the property solutions that you need. They’ll work round the clock, talking with landlords and other realtors to help you find the perfect apartment, investment property, or home. Our agents aren’t satisfied until you’ve closed the deal and acquired the great Boston real estate that you deserve.

To discover the difference and get started on your path to great new property, contact BostonPads today!


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