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How will Medical Marijuana Affect Property Owners?

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Medical Marijuana
Many property owners in Boston are still unsure as to how the recently passed Medical Marijuana law will affect and interact with some of the current housing laws and regulations in effect at their Boston properties.

Because marijuana was previously illegal, there are already laws on the books regarding its illegality and prohibition in apartment complexes and housing across the state. While the law that went into affect on January 1st allows for the use of medical marijuana supplements, its status related to these laws, along with other non smoking laws, is currently unclear.

The Department of Public Health as stated that it will release a new set of regulations on April 1, 2013, which will cover the use of medical marijuana in apartment buildings and other forms of housing throughout the state.

If you’re a property owner and want to keep up with all the latest developments regarding any laws or regulations on medical marijuana and how it affects your property, you may want to consider contacting a Boston real estate attorney. They have the qualifications and expertise to advise you on all your legal questions. You can also keep yourself informed by reading any new information on the subject.

Additionally, you may want to hire a professional property management service just in case any situations do arise that you need help with. Using a high quality property management company can help ensure that your property is always in great hands and running smoothly. If you’re interested in finding a great local property management service, you should visitwww.BostonPropertyManagement.net.

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