BostonPads adds its Expertise to Panoramio

Pin It is doing its part to enhance the virtual experience of Boston. By uploading pictures to the site, BostonPads continues to enhance their expert, unique take on the perception of Boston.


Panoramio is a site that connects users through photography. It is powered by its users. Anyone can upload their pictures of neighborhoods, streets, buildings, and landmarks.


Panoramio is dedicated to pictures of places, not people, and as such, can give a virtual tour of an area unlike any other. A common routine for renters is to try and use the Google Maps Street View to go up and down streets and get a sense of the neighborhood before renting. Those using Google Street View may find themselves disappointed by the robotic, unemotional photographs of the places they are trying to explore. With Panoramio, users upload not only pictures of places, but also their unique take on the experience. Every angle, color, and perspective can be used by the individual uploader to create their own unique spin.


A drawback of Street View is that nothing is highlighted; a fire hydrant is photographed with the same care as the Bunker Hill Monument. In less extreme cases, it is difficult to tell what residents of particular neighborhoods find to be important to their everyday experience. Another problem with Street View can be seen in the name of the service itself; it only provides a street view of places. Points of interest that are inaccessible by road are omitted from the virtual experience. Panoramio solves both of these problems. Because it is powered by its users, who are able to go places that cars are not, visitors to Panoramio can see secret alcoves, unique angles, and even insides of many points of interest inaccessible by car. has been providing a similar service that allows users to upload and comment on pictures that they have taken. A quick search of “Boston” on the site will show many beautiful pictures of places all around the city. The major drawback is that the pictures are not browse-able in any orderly fashion. Localizing a search to a small area is difficult on Pinterest. On Panoramio, the pictures are organized by street and neighborhood, making browsing easy.


With its real-estate expertise and experience, BostonPads is doing its part to show users of Panoramio what Boston neighborhoods are all about. Compare this image link to the satellite or Street View image of Boston’s North End. One is a robotic image with no character that tells you nothing about the area; the other shows the experience of a warm summer day spent on your roof deck in the North End.

Currently, BostonPads is one of the most viewed posters on the site with over 118,000 views on its pictures.  Check them out here. If you are in the hunt for a Boston apartment, visit With the most rental listings in the Boston area, the real-estate experts at BostonPads can help place you in your dream apartment today.

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