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Boston Pads Corporate Relocation Success Story

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Boston Corporate Relocation

Boston Pads Relocation Success StoriesRelocating an employee can be a stressful time for both the corporation and the worker involved. While the client has to organize and manage a move to a new area, the company needs to manage the cost of relocating its employee to ensure that it is providing its worker with enough money but not overpaying and costing itself thousands of dollars. Boston Pads & Co has a history of helping organize smooth, successful relocations that benefit both the employee and the company relocating them. Here’s how our corporate relocation services have worked for clients in the past:

When a company decides to relocate an employee they contact Boston Pads & Co, and refer their employee to one of our relocation agents. Our agents work with both parties to determine all of the services that are needed in the move. These services can range from apartment location and rentals, home sales or rentals, neighborhood orientation, coordinating airport pick-up, coordinating a moving truck, to any other services that are needed for a easy and successful relocation.

In addition to helping the employee move into their new residence, Boston Pads & Co also provides assistance to the company that is relocating them. By working as a go between for the company and its employee, it saves the company the trouble of having to give it’s employee a lump sum of money for moving expenses. BostonPads can determine the exact price of rent, moving equipment, and any other expenses involved in the moving process. This ensures that the employee has all of their relocation needs covered, but allows the company to avoid overpaying through a lump sum that may end up being more than they needed to give. The relocation services at Boston Pads ensure that both parties get exactly what they need during the move.

Your successful corporate relocation is just a phone call away. Contact Boston Pads Today!

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