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Boston Pads Apartment Finder Android Mobile App Review

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The New Boston Pads Android Mobile App to search and find Boston Apartments is now available for free in the Android Market from Boston Pads. If you’re looking for a more convenient way to find your next Boston apartment, check out it out.

Boston Apartment Finder - Mobile App for AndroidThe app is a great new tool for people looking for apartments in Boston. Powered by Boston Pads massive property database, it can connect you to over 110,000 listings for all sorts of lifestyles and personal needs, from Boston studio apartments and lofts to luxury or furnished units. No matter what kind of apartment you’re looking for, the Apartment Finder App brings it right into the palm of your hand.

With an easy to use interface, the Apartment Finder app gives you two different ways to search for a new apartment. One is a traditional filtered search, where you select a neighborhood in Boston and then narrow by identifying specific needs, such as rental rates, number of bedrooms, etc. This method proves more beneficial to those who may already have an idea of what kind of apartment they’re looking for, and just need to see what listings are available.

The second method is a location-based search, where the App pinpoints where you are and then presents you with an interactive map that shows you all of the available apartments near your current location. This search option proves more effective for users that are just beginning their search, allowing them to wander around Boston and then search nearby listings when they find themselves in an interesting or exciting area.

Both search methods allow you to select a listing and then view more detailed information about that apartment, including pictures, building specifics, and contact information for a real estate agent to help you lock up the listings. This mobile app also allows you to mark certain listings as favorites, as well as letting you share them with friends or potential roommates.

All in all, the Boston Apartment Finder App is a terrific resource to aid you in your hunt for new Boston real estate. With so many listings and and such easy to use software, the Apartment Finder App just might become your go to research while you look for new Boston apartments.

The Boston Apartment Finder App is available for free now in the new Google Play, Android App Store.

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