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Boston Pads – 5 Must-Have Items for Your Real Estate Closing Appointment

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Must-Have Items for a Successful Real Estate Closing

Heading into a real estate closing appointment, there can be a million different things running through your head. If you’re buying new Boston property, you’re only one step away from owning a brand new home or investment property. If you’re a seller, the closing appointment is when your transaction finally goes through and you can begin to receive your financial returns

However, all of this can be brought to a standstill if you forget to bring the required materials to your closing appointment. There are several must-have items that you need to bring to your closing appointment, otherwise the closing will have to be postponed and you’ll be stuck paying your closing attorney for nothing.

Here is a checklist of items you have to have with you on closing day:

  1. Proper Identification: You must bring some form of valid ID. A driver’s license, state ID or passport will work.
  2.  Insurance Policies: You should bring copies of all of the insurance policies for the property being closed on. The homeowner’s insurance policy is the        most important, but other insurance policies (like flood insurance) should be brought as well.
  3. All Related Documents: Throughout the process of buying or selling Boston real estate, you will have probably compiled a massive amount of documents relating to your transaction. You should bring all of these documents with you just in case you need to reference them. For example, if there is a dispute over whether or not the Septic System has been approved, you can pull out your copy of the certification that says that it has been approved.
  4. Closing Cost Money (For Buyers): If you are the buyer at your closing appointment, then you need to make sure you bring all the money you need to in order to close the deal. You should bring a cashier’s check to cover closing costs as well as any and all remaining costs. You can check your HUD-1 Settlement Statement for an itemized list of closing charges to ensure that you have the correct amount of money at your closing appointment.
  5. Keys (For Sellers): If you’re selling your Boston home or property, make sure you bring all of the keys for the property to your closing appointment so that you can turn them over to the buyer. Also be sure to include any other items or information that the buyer may need before moving into their new property.



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